3 Hillside Villages Famous for Art on the French Riviera

Art lover? Head to the hills of the French Riviera

By Kelly Cronin

1) Èze

The village of Èze is located just about halfway between the hubs of Nice and Monaco along the Côte d’Azur. The medieval village lies on a steep hilltop with incredible cobblestone streets that twist and turn all the way up to an exotic garden that gives breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. This is one of my favorite views on the whole Riviera. If you’re visiting in summer, you’ll probably find the sea dotted with luxury yachts.

Between the cobblestone streets are plenty of art galleries and shops where you can find anything from landscape scenes to modern art sculptures. Èze has been historically known to have luxury art galleries, as artists have found inspiration from its stunning beauty for years. There is also the famous Nietzsche path, named after the artist Friedrich Nietzsche, that leads from the village down to the sea, which inspired his book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.

2) Saint Paul de Vence

Past Nice and towards Cannes, you’ll find the small enchanting village of Saint Paul de Vence. Take a stroll through some of the oldest streets in the French Riviera before visiting modern and contemporary art museums and galleries in Saint Paul de Vence. A hillside medieval village, the views are as breathtaking as the art showcased throughout this town.

The town adheres to its artistic reputation by holding many art exhibits in addition to the numerous galleries. They feature up and coming artists, as well as sculptures around the village such as the “Boules” sculpture, which depicts the famous southern France game in a park in the town center. Just a quick drive from Nice or Antibes, Saint Paul de Vence is a great place to spend a day admiring art without shying away from beautiful scenery and adorable walkways.

3) Mougins

Situated between Cannes and Grasse, the hillside village of Mougins showcases dozens of art galleries, museums, and workshops alike. There is a bit of something for everyone here, with the Museum of Classical Art of Mougins and André Villers Photography Museum.

Seeing so much art make you hungry? Also known as the “Capital of Gastronomy and Arts of Living”, there’s no lack of fine-dining experiences to be had in Mougins. Famous for a variety of luxury restaurants featuring incredible gastronomical experiences, you’ll be sure to find an incredible bite (or seven) to eat while you’re visiting.

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