4 Reasons a Private Tour is a Vacation Game-Changer

The simple way to luxury travel? Take a private tour

By Kelly Cronin

If you’re like me, planning a vacation stresses you out. From planning accommodation, food and meals, to figuring out how to navigate a new city, there’s a lot that goes into a vacation. You always want to make sure you see the best of the destination, but you don’t want to be a cliché tourist. This is hard to balance, since most “tourist traps” are easier to get to. Luckily, I have found a trick to planning less, exploring more and still not feeling too much like a tourist. The answer? Take a private tour. Instead of taking one of those hop-on, hop-off big red bus tours (and sticking out like a sore thumb), you can pick a luxury day tour that can be tailored just for you, where you can have an amazing guide of the area, while still feeling like you are exploring on your own. Plus, sitting in the back of a comfortable luxury vehicle is a major boost from taking the train or even an Uber to get around. Here’s four reasons a private tour is a total vacation game-changer:

1) Less planning

Give yourself a break from your vacation (no really, you’ll need it!) and stop planning for at least one of your days of vacation. If you’re traveling with other people, a private tour will not only really impress them, it will give you a full-day of vacation where you don’t have to plan anything. All you need to do is choose the tour you want, tell them what your main interests are and then have the driver pick you up right at the airport, your hotel, yacht or anywhere else you need them to meet you.

Private tour in Monaco in the Audi A8L // Image courtesy of THE DRIVER

If you ever feel like you don’t get to relax while on vacation, a private tour is PERFECT for you! You’ll get to see places like this in real life, without figuring out how exactly to get there, what time the trains come (if they come) or how many people are going on this expedition. If you are traveling to a European country, the public transport can be amazing, but train strikes are very frequent. Meaning if you don’t plan ahead of time, you could wind up completely stranded (yes, this has happened to me before). Avoid headache before and during the trip by hiring a private tour to whisk you away for the day.

2) See unique places

With a private tour, your guide will know exactly where to go, all based on your personal preferences. A tour guide is typically a local who knows the area inside and out, from the major tourist must-sees to the hidden gems only the locals go to. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll be able to see more of these amazing hidden gems that you may have never been able to get to before.

Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, France

If you are taking a pre-designed private tour, you can choose from a variety of different locations and itineraries, so you know what you get to see ahead of time. From shopping excursions to exploring the history of cities, you can choose whatever you and your travel companions would like the best. Want to explore Cannes as if you were Brigitte Bardot? Go for it. Looking for more of a medieval village vibe up in the hills? You can do that too. With a private tour there are (almost) no limitations, giving you the chance to see the very best of the destination you’re in. This is an added bonus if you are short on time, where it can be hard to squeeze in everything you want to see.

3) Safety first

Traveling in a new place is certainly an adventure, but it is important to not get carried away in your explorations and be safe (especially as a woman or solo-traveler). Avoid walking around aimlessly when you aren’t completely familiar with the area and which streets pose threats. A private tour escorts you safely to each spot. In addition, your guide can let you know if there’s certain places you should avoid or not.

paris night skyline travel luxury private tour champagne
Paris skyline at night

If you’re dying to see a city at night (Paris is the City of Lights after all), driving around the city blocks or up to a hillside view of the sparkling lights is the perfect way to see the city. Add a bottle of bubbly to that and we are talking about a truly magical night. We took a private champagne tour of Paris at night, and there is something luxuriously spectacular about sipping on champagne while watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle. The best part is once you’re finished with the evening, you don’t have to worry about waiting around outside for an Uber or taking the metro after dark. Safe, enjoyable transportation to and from your hotel is a must.

4) Luxury lifestyle

A private tour is great, but the luxury vehicle you’ll be in is even greater. While people on public transport will be suffering from heatstroke (no seriously, I have seen people faint on the trains), you will be cooling off in the backseat of a luxury vehicle. The cars come prepared for any group size from solo-travel to group travel. Choose from the prestigious Audi A8L, Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes E-Class or Mercedes-V Class based on your needs.

audi a8l limousine luxury vehicle monaco travel
Audi A8L in Monaco // Image by Kelly Cronin

All the vehicles are equipped with top of the line amenities. From comfortable seating with back massagers (yes!) to wifi in all vehicles to the option for a bottle (or two) of champagne, you will be absolutely spoiled. And of course, all the vehicles are discrete with rear window tinting to ensure both privacy and safety. Sit back and enjoy a movie or TV program with air conditioning and a cold beverage while you explore the sights worldwide. Enjoy your vacation and take the backseat.

If you’re thinking about taking a private tour, contact THE DRIVER to learn more about hassle-free travel plans.

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