6 Things You’ll Miss About France Once You Leave

What to Enjoy Before You Head Home

By Kelly Cronin

Everyone gets post-vacation blues after an epic getaway. Before you pack up the suitcases and head back to reality, make sure you appreciate all the amazing opportunities France has to offer. From spectacular coastlines to freshly baked baguettes, there’s so much to love and so much to miss. Here’s six things you’ll miss about France once you leave:

1) Food

There’s truly nothing better in life than walking outside your apartment and finding fresh bakeries at your doorstep. Smelling a croissant first thing in the morning gives me the best warm and fuzzy feeling, especially if I treat myself to one (okay I do that every day but still). If the bakeries aren’t enough, the fresh fruits and veggies at markets are so good and typically very inexpensive. Then of course there’s cheese and charcuterie platters, which I would happily snack on every day if I could. France is famous for its delicious cuisine, from escargots to chocolate mousse. Once you leave, your mouth will be watering for an éclair or macaron!

2) Lifestyle

The French Riviera is known for its incredibly laid back lifestyle. Compared to the US, work weeks in France are actually less hours, and the French typically take long lunch breaks. If you’re ever out for a meal, you’ll notice the locals taking their sweet time, socializing and sipping slowly on their provencal wine. This is normal! And once you get used to it, you’ll find it hard to leave the land of laid back vibes. While you’re in France, enjoy kicking back and relaxing – it’s their way of life!

3) Wine

Do I even need to say more? Wine in France is simply outstanding. If you’re a wine lover like me, you’ll love all the vineyards throughout the country that each specialize in different wines. Head up to Champagne if you’re looking for some authentic bubbly, west to Bordeaux for rich reds or south to Provence for refreshing rosé.

P.S. The French drink wine at any time of the day, so don’t feel guilty it you’re craving a cold glass of rosé with your Niçoise salad for lunch. In fact, that’s the perfect pairing. A glass of wine can be leisurely sipped pretty much any time after noon (although I’m convinced some people have it with breakfast) to keep your relaxation level at high all. day. long.

4) Fashion

Everyone knows Paris is the fashion capitol of the world, so it’s no surprise the French dress code is elegant and sophisticated. On the French Riviera and in Monaco you’ll see head-to-toe designer outfits with sleek lines and stunning silhouettes. Even in the hot summer months the French women will wear jeans and blouses or long skirts instead of the American daisy duke shorts. And you’ll never see the “activewear” look unless they are actually working out. Even on hiking trails you’ll find young women in cute sundresses and sandals gracefully hiking up a hill.

5) Turquoise Waters

When you’ve been soaking up the sun on the Côte d’Azur, it can be hard to go home and forget the sparkling water of the Riviera. Besides incredible views, the Mediterranean Sea is also a beautiful place for an afternoon swim, snorkeling or scuba diving. Go out and explore the islands off the coast by Cannes for some beautiful boat rides on the beautiful water. Take a visit to Isle de Saint Marguerite while you’re on the Riviera. Trust me – once you leave you’ll be missing the beautiful islands.

6) Travel

Whether you’re in Paris or Marseille or Monaco, you’ll be at a European sweet spot for traveling to new destinations. Check out the Cinque Terre in just a few hours from the French Riviera. Hop on a flight to London in under two hours. Take a private tour around Paris to see the city of lights sparkling at night. Being nearby so many incredible European destination is an amazing opportunity that you must take advantage of before your vacation ends. When you get back, you’ll be dreaming of weekend getaways to Lake Como or Barcelona.

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