Justine, the mastermind of the office, has been a managing partner since 2015. She holds a master's degree in Business Law from Sorbonne University, and a second master's degree in Business Development. After working in a law firm, Justine followed her passion for luxury travel, living all over the world from Paris to California to Portugal. 


What is your favorite travel destination?

Eze, the place where I live. Isn’t that amazing?!

Favorite hotel?

Casta Diva, Lake Como.

You get to have any meal in the world before you die. What would you choose?

I love food and it’s actually part of our job to recommend the best place to eat. Plus, as a french person, I am very fussy. So I would love to have a full menu:

Apero: Champagne Perrier Jouet, Rosé, Belle Époque, 2009.

Starter : Foie gras & Pata Negra, Château Petrus red Wine

Primi: Pasta carbonara

Trou Normand

Main course: Kobe beef with truffle mashed potatoes

Cheese: Comte, Beaufort, whiskey cheddar, goat cheese with figs and nuts bred.

(Both with a very nice bottle of Amarone red wine)

Dessert: Strawberry lavender crème brûlée, Paris Brest with a glass of Sauterne white wine.

Digestif: A glass the most expensive Cognac.

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Foie gras (I know it’s very controversial but I just can’t help myself!)

Your favorite drink?

Champagne Perrier Jouet, Rosé, Belle Époque, 2009.

Describe your ideal dinner party.

I love picnics on the beach!

Aside from the necessities (passport, atm card, etc.) what are three must-bring items for when you travel?

- Bikini

- Sunglasses

- Bose speaker

Outside managing a luxury travel company what is your dream job?

Interior designer (but - at THE DRIVER - we are designing itinerary, so it's pretty close)

If you could be transported to any place at any time, where/when would it be and why?

I want to see dinosaurs!

Who is the dead figure you would have most wanted to meet?

Louis XIV. This is probably because I am watching the TV show Versailles right now. If you had asked me the same question 6 months ago, my answer would have been Pablo Escobar - guess what, I was watching Narcos.

You have an unlimited travel budget for 24hours. Describe your itinerary.

This is actually a tricky one because I don’t want to spend too much time on the plane.

I will take a private jet to Scandinavia, rent the best sports car and go for ice driving sessions, burn a lot of gasoline (I know it is not really environmentally friendly) then spend night in an igloo to see the Aurora Borealis. Then, I would wake up early, hire a helicopter that will take me to the mountain and jump from the helicopter directly onto the ski slopes. And then i think my 24 hours are finished 🙁